Major events in Azerbaijan

Major events in Azerbaijan

We all remember the glowing faces of nation when in 2012 Eurovision Song Contest was held in Azerbaijan for the first time. Visiting tourists were simply astounded by the organization, hospitality of our people, cuisine, but above all, by the spectacular atmosphere the event created. Crystal Hall that all tourists visit in the Seaside Boulevard until this day, was built for the Eurovision song contest, and later was used for other concerts of world famous divas as Jennifer Lopez, Shakira and Rihanna. Our country got the right to host the 2012 edition thanks to the song “Running Scared” by Ell & Nikki which won in previous 2011 edition of Eurovision Song Contest.

Azerbaijan made an immaculate progress in sport when holding FIFA U-17 Women’s World Cup in 2012. It was for the first time for Azerbaijan holding a football competition of this scale. Great support from the fans, high-level organization and exciting matches made this event memorable. In order to understand the charm of the competitions, you just need to watch women playing football in a stadium. Moreover, grand entrance of Jennifer Lopez to the stadium caused a great excitement among fans and spectators.

Another event that had Azerbaijan in the spotlight, was without doubt the Inaugural European Games that was held with participation of 50 European countries in June, 2015. This was the biggest milestone for Azerbaijan since it was the first-ever European Games and first major event for the people of Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan since it was the first-ever European Games and first major event for the people of Azerbaijan. The aim of the organizers was to demonstrate the warmth and hospitality of Azerbaijan, the host city and its people and to show what we had to offer as a new destination for sport, business and tourism. The fantastic venues, superb condition of the Athletes village and organization of high-level competitions amazed all the athletes, officials and the guests.

The next major event was Formula-1 European Grand Prix which was also held in Azerbaijan for the first time in June, 2016. Baku City Circuit which was named after the motor racing circuit was constructed near Baku Seaside Boulevard also offered various entertainment to visiting guests during the competition.

The next another major event Games that welcomed 180 teams from 175 countries was 42nd World Chess Olympiad in September, 2016. This was a first Chess event that took place in the country and caused a big tourist flow into the country.

The next multi-sport event organized by Azerbaijan was the 4th edition of Islamic Solidarity Games that welcomed 54 countries from Asia, Europe, Africa and South America. Baku known as a sports city, welcomed 6000 athletes that took part in 21 sports during the Games in May, 2017. Azerbaijan took lead in medal standing making a historical milestone in country’s history.

Baku is also the only city in Europe that hosted three editions of European Rhythmic Gymnastics in 2007, 2009 and 2014. Amazing opening ceremony of 2014 edition on the theme of the relation between rhythmic gymnastics, culture, poetry, music and art accompanied with incredible lightening effects made the show sublime.

But Azerbaijan didn’t want to stop here. The next multi-sport event is set to take place in July 2019. Baku will be hosting 15th edition of the European Youth Olympic Festival that will bring together more than 3000 young athletes competing in ten sports.

Another grand event that Baku is bidding for is EXPO 2025 with the theme “Developing Human Capital, building a better future”.

For the first time ever in history, our country will host the 

UEFA Europe League Final in 2019 in Olympic stadium – the venue that hosted the grand opening and closing ceremonies of European and Islamic Solidarity Games. The stadium will also host UEFA Euro 2020.

Sport has become inseparable part of the Azerbaijani nation. And it’s not just in recent years sport has become so popular, it has ancient roots and even today both traditional and modern sports are still practiced in our country.

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