LERIK – Hidden Beauty of Azerbaijan

LERIK – Hidden Beauty of Azerbaijan

Located between the tall mountains of the Talysh in southern Azerbaijan, near the Iranian border, Lerik is the stunning beauty of Azerbaijan. As a perfect spot for hiking, it captured hearts of many travelers.

This breathtakingly beautiful mountain village will astonish you with its clean water, bracing air and places like Tulova and Laman. But moreover, the road to Lerik is simply astounding. While driving there, you’ll pass the long forest which is just mesmerizing.

Be sure to visit Guneshli and Tikebend waterfalls in Masalli which are located 107 kilometers before Lerik region.  Also, there’s a famous Monidigah that you should also discover.

And did you know about Lerik’s unique museum of Longevity? This museum that is dedicated to centenaries is the only one of its kind. Because the oldest people on the planet come from this region and lived decades in Lerik. The pure air, water and rich flora explains the longevity in this place. You should also know that this region’s centenarians have also entered the Guinness Book of Records. Because only in Lerik people celebrate their 120th, 140th and 150th years of life.

Some scientists in Azerbaijan suggests turning this place into sanatorium because of the mineral water, flora and fauna of the Talysh mountains in this region. In addition, people in this region live in a healthy environment. The air in Lerik heals, and water, plants and forests are the basis of good health.

If you decide to visit Lerik, Khan Lankaran Hotel would be an incredible choice for you as this hotel’s restaurant is serving Azerbaijani and European cuisine and offers variety of local drinks. Traditional atmosphere of this place will make you feel relaxed and comfortable.

Another hotel choice in Lerik is Relax Hotel and Resort. It’s not a luxury, but very clean, quiet and comfortable.

And remember! The best time of year to visit Lerik for tourism and warm-weather activities is between June-August. Summers in Lerik is warm, dry and clear!

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