Mysteries and the most magnificent lakes of Azerbaijan

 Mysteries and the most magnificent lakes of Azerbaijan

There are many various lakes in the world. Great Lake Victoria in Africa, Lake Huron of North America, lake Tahoe in Nevada, lake Onega in Russia – all are magnificent in their own style. Some are famous for the area, some for the depth, some for the legends. Azerbaijan is famous for the Goy Gol and Maral Gol lakes.

Situated at the footsteps of Murovdag, Goy Gol & Maral Gol are natural lakes created as the result of an earthquake in the 12th century. The crystal-clear water, green forests, always chilly weather is what makes these lakes so special.

You’ll find yourself in Hajikand (meaning town of Hajis’) which is a small town where at the time millionaire oil barons built themselves villas over there. Behind Hajikand starts the real beauty! Spectacular scenery to Kapaz mountain and extraordinary Goy Goy (Blue lake).

On your visit to Goy Gol National Park you’ll witness lots of eagles, green nature and beautiful swans. You should know that it’s not allowed to swim there as it is a protected area. Located 1,600 above sea level, the banks of the lake are covered with forests, flora and fauna. Area of the lake is perfect for walking, travelling and family picnics. It’s the best decision you’ll make in summer and the fresh lake is absolutely worth visiting on hot days.

Located just 30 minutes away from the town is Maral lake (Deer lake). It’s considered pearl of Azerbaijan. Strong earthquake that led to the creation of this magnificent lake is considered one of the most beautiful places in the country. This peaceful spot with thousands of birds is surrounded by beautiful green landscape and literally is a wonder of nature! The water is so pure it seems transparent.

And guess what? You can visit Goy Gol and Maral Gol any time of year. The area is especially magnificent in autumn when green forests turn into yellow, auburn, red colors. The views are breathtaking. If you can reach these lakes, this is one of the most rewarding trips in Azerbaijan.

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